Rates are Subject to Change

 2021 Rates

  Activity Rates 

Horseback Trail Ride 1 hour Guided  

  $30 Weekdays   $33 weekends & holidays 



All Trips based on average (river depth)

 And River Current  and average use time   


River Tubes                                                    

Starting Point     Length (hrs.)    Price         

Ingalls                     1 hour            $  8           

Dumon                    2 hour            $15           

Kayak            length (hrs)        Single Person Kayak    

Belding                     2.5                  $25          

Bricker Road            4.5                  $42         

Length of Trip on River is Based on

History of Past normal user time on River


Canoes are all Two seats 15' canoes           

Starting Point     Length (hrs.)    Price           

Belding                     2.5                  $32           

Bricker Road            4.5                  $42           

         Non Guests Users

 Launching and Retreiving Boats,   kayaks, other river equipment

 Docking  or Launching 

        $5.00 per unit & $5.00 per person

Bring your own river equipment and the   Double RR Ranch Staff will transport you and your equipment to drop in for a nominal Fee!