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Rates are Subject to Change

 2021 Rates

  Activity Rates 

Horseback Trail Ride 1 hour Guided  

  $30 Weekdays   $33 weekends & holidays 



All Trips based on average (river depth)

 And River Current  and average use time   


River Tubes                                                    

Starting Point     Length (hrs.)    Price         

Ingalls                     1 hour            $  8           

Dumon                    2 hour            $15           

Kayak            length (hrs)        Single Person Kayak    

Belding                     2.5                  $25          

Bricker Road            4.5                  $42         

Length of Trip on River is Based on

History of Past normal user time on River


Canoes are all Two seats 15' canoes           

Starting Point     Length (hrs.)    Price           

Belding                     2.5                  $32           

Bricker Road            4.5                  $42           

         Non Guests Users  cannot use our landing site

 Launching and Retreiving Boats,   kayaks, other river equipment

 Docking  or Launching  Is only allowed when renting some of our equipment at same time.

        $5.00 per unit & $5.00 per person

Bring your own river equipment and the   Double RR Ranch Staff will transport you and your equipment to drop in for a nominal Fee!  only while renting some of our equipment.

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