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  The Double RR Ranch provides several options to keep your family members busy all day long.  Dad can golf on the 9 hole course or Fish the Flat River for big bass, and Pike or just relax from his daily routine.  Mom can relax by the pool or whatever.  Bird Watching and Photography are also popular activities for less active adults.                                                                 

 Kids find the ranch unique as they can run all over the place and take part in activities whenever they so choose this is different for some but most find it to there liking it is a very laid back atmosphere   


 Anyone in the family can get a mid-day snack, or a Hand Dipped Ice Cream at the main barn any time of day.  And of course, the Candy supply draws all the kids to the well-stocked camp store.


  Kids can swim in one of the pools, or bike ride on the several trails available.   Of course, the western horseback trail ride that everyone can enjoy.  

  The Flat River flows similar to a water park lazy river.  Most parts of the float are within a safe depth of water.  Paddle a kayak or canoe, or for even more relaxation float a tube down the Flat.  The Flat River is a well-known stream for Small Mouth Bass, and Northern Pike.  Kids can fish right from the bank of your campsite or from other common areas. 

  The playground offers several different physical challenges for all ages.  Get a group together for a Softball or Volleyball game or a basketball game.  The opportunities for fun at the Ranch are endless.                                                                                     

 The Fred Meijer Flat River Valley Hiking and Biking Trail is complete.  The new Michigan State Hiking and  Biking Trail is located right at the Ranch and it is 22 miles in length connecting Belding, Greenville, Lowell. 


A fun and safe place for the whole family to ride or hike.                                                               


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