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River Fun

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 The Ranch offers several trips for various lengths of time on the Flat River:   

 All River Trips are Based on Averages (length of time most renters take on the river) and Normal River Depth.

 Starting Below the dam at Belding  6 miles back to the Ranch in a canoe or kayak  2 1/2 hours.

 Canoes are 15' with two seats small persons can sit on the floor in the middle.

 Canoeing the Flat River is a simple novice stream with an exception of the 'Ol Smyrna Dam.  The location of the old dam is rougher water but manageable in any of our watercraft rentals.  After signing in, you can park your car where all the river trips end, and ride back to pick up others in your party before traveling to the start of your trip in one of the ranch's transportation buses. After your float, the rentals can stay at the landing and your vehicle will be in the parking lot where your trip ends. 




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