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 Aerial Video by Matthew Pachota 

Iron Horse Golf Course

The Golf Course is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the countryside, and take in the beauty of the day. Golf carts are all electric drive allowing for a quiet tour of the course.



The Iron Horse course offers players, six different tee boxes to fit all levels of players. Our aim is to allow every player, playing from the proper tee box for their ability, to play par golf.


The course is 3,365 yards, from the longest blue tees for 9 holes. The additional 9 holes are in the planning phase.


This course is forgiving with wide fairways and there are no water hazards. Large Greens allow for a better target and they offer an excellent putting surface as well.


There is a fine driving range that provides a place to warm up before your game and it is also a place for the non-golfer to get into the feeling of hitting a long drive. It is a good place to start if undecided on your ability to play the game of golf.

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